Teaser Trailer 2 (Action)
The helicopter crashing as shown in when browsing YouTube
Season N/A, Episode N/A
Vital statistics
Air date December 1, 2014
Written by BlueCrystal man
Directed by BlueCrystal man
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Whats Left (Teaser Trailer 1) Whats Left (Teaser Trailer 3 (Official))

This trailer also aired on December 1, 2014 and it depicts the story of a helicopter crashing in the middle of the field, however it's purpose in the story is not yet known. This trailer was written and directed by BCM.

Trailer Synopsis Edit

Like the last trailer, it begins with Audacity Films and A BlueCrystalMan Productions. It begins with a shaky camera with a helicopter spinning out of control in the middle of a field. The helicopters tail hits the ground. When the helicopter hits the ground, its rotors come off one by one, whilst the helicopter is whirring down. The helicopter blows up and the rotor goes flying into the camera, causing it to go static. The screen "Whats Left" pops up, followed by "2-12-15", indicating the air date. Words then come up saying "Watch the official trailer Christmas Day."

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