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Season N/A, Episode N/A
Vital statistics
Air date December 1, 2014
Written by BlueCrystal man
Directed by BlueCrystal man
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N/A Whats Left {Teaser Trailer 2 (Action)

This is a trailer that was released on December 1st, 2014, showing how a teenager interpreted his experience in the recent outbreak of the government. As shown, the video itself doesn't really explain much about what's happening other than the fact that the teen is constantly running up to the window to check out why there is gunfire. It was written and directed by BlueCrystal man.

Trailer Synopsis Edit

It begins with a few second clips that show: Audacity Films and A BlueCrystalMan Productions. The actual trailer itself starts off with a black screen with breathing following with some gunfire. The character jumps out from his bed, and runs to his window to see what is happening (Although it's too dark to see what is happening, it's safe to assume the character saw someone running down the streets shooting people as the character picks up his phone and records it rather than seeing what is happening through his eyes.) He looks for a few seconds then retreats back to his bed where he does something (too tough to say for sure) before more gunfire is heard. He runs back up to the window, looks outside (again, it's too dark to see), a quick mumble saying "What the hell?", shuts the window shutter, re-opens it, and sees a car drive up (This may be the shooters that are shooting off in the distance). He runs away from the window and stands in a spot for about 3-5 seconds before some explosion goes off, blacking out the entire house (and possibly the whole neighborhood.) "Crap!" is muttered through the character, looking for a light source. He breathes heavily for a few seconds before stumbling upon a blue light found in his room (possibly a reference to BlueCrystal man.) The light flickers before it successfully turns on. He looks around the room once more before more gunfire resulting in him grunting. More gunfire is heard occasionally getting deeper and sometimes higher, then back to deeper. More heavy breathing is heard before a window breaks, possibly saying that someone shot the window to get into the room. Clinking of the window is heard hitting the ground. Gunfire is heard fading out before a screen saying "Whats Left" pops up. During the screens duration, a blue tornado like structure appears (again maybe referring to BCM). Afterwards a screen saying "2-12-15" pops up, indicating that the show will air on that date. Finally, the words "End" appear on the screen, indicating that the video is over.

Cast Edit

BlueCrystal man as Unnamed Character

Trivia Edit

  • The blue light and the blue tornado could be a reference to the shows creator, BlueCrystal man.

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